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Hooty Hootsuite

Besides a great site and fantastic social media content, you have to have great efficiency and analytics behind the machine. I recently found myself enthralled in how much insight I gained by using Hootsuite. If you haven't tried this application for your website I recommend reading the next few minutes and power charging your engagement.

First things first. I bet you're wondering what Hootsuite is. Here's where I can geek out and write for the next hour or so about it or simply let you watch this 1 minute video.


Step 1. (Obviously)

Sign up for a Hootsuite account.

Login to create an account and connect your Google, Facebook, Instagram or simply create an account with a valid email.

(I suggest creating an account with google if you have one since it allows you to use the Hootlet extension. Don't worry I'll explain a bit later.

Step 2. (Not so obvious)

Follow the prompts and connect up to three social media accounts.

This is where the magic happens. Once you connect these platforms, your analytics and the ability to post congruently across multiple accounts is maximized.

Step 3. (May seem beneath you, but it's not)

Follow all of the tutorial steps. This is the easiest way to familiarize yourself with the application.

Once you have viewed all of the steps in the Wise Guide you should be able to navigate through most of the site. Trust me, I'm still finding things and I've been meddling with the site's capabilities for months.

That's it, you're a Hooter!! But, will you be a "hooty" or a "CAHOOTER?" That's up to you.

Quick Tip. (The chrome extension I promised)

I added the Hootlet extension to my chrome so I can easily share pages and articles from the web browser. The best thing is, I can share them instantly or schedule them for a later time. (You know because if you're browsing bleary eyed at 3am you may want to post later in the morning so you don't seem crazy)

So that's it! Quick and painless efficiency to your social media management. Consider using the platform for a few weeks or months before you upgrade to a payment plan. The benefits of some of the plans are amazing, but this way you can take them for a test drive before you decide to spend some money.

Happy Hooting!!

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