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Keep Calm and Eat Local!

For those of us who are fortunate to have shelter, food, and health in these trying times, the question may be; what can I do to help?


In no way, shape or form am I, anyone to advocate the mismanagement of your household budget. Yet, if you normally allow yourself a meal out with family, make sure to do so at local restaurants and establishments. Small business depends on our patronage to continue to support their labor force and thus supporting their families. Also, remember that by staying open these businesses are risking contacting customers that may be infected. These risks come with added measures and steps that affect their operating costs. It is imperative to support your local business no more than ever.

And then let's say you have a budget that allows for multiple meals out with family. Consider then donating a gift certificate from a local vendor to a First Responder, a family or individual in need. Also, consider giving to organizations that normally count on donations to feed those in need. Although participation in these organizations may be limited with the current health restrictions, their need for support is in no short supply.

We will travel again. We will dine out again. We will visit museums and festivals and celebrate holidays, championships, birthdays and anniversaries.

We will hold each other at weddings and funerals and laugh and mourn together.

For now, remember to give to those who are in need, to those who are our front lines of defense and those who are supporting the fight against this deadly disease.

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