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Let a Professional Handle It!

You know the feeling you get when you finally check in to a hotel for a much-needed vacation? Imagine getting that same feeling when you visit a doctor or lawyer or when you’re searching for an apartment.

Guest, client, customer, patient, member….no matter what you call your patrons, the way we take care of them is the same. Whether you are checking in a guest for the weekend or welcoming a member back to the links or setting up a corporate retreat, customer service permeates both the corporate management sector as strongly as the hospitality industry.

More and more property management companies and residential administrators are looking for candidates with hospitality backgrounds to lead their teams. A strong manager in the service industry understands what it means to anticipate guest needs. This facet of our service culture is sometimes lost in a corporate setting where a more rigid structure and business-like mind has embedded itself. Most offices will miss the touchpoints that could and do impact their bottom line.

Ever changed doctors because the receptionist is insolent? One patient’s revenue may be insignificant to the practice but imagine if that happens two or three times a week. Now imagine you are a multinational billion-dollar corporation. Would you change law firms if the office staff was rude and disconnected? That’s a lot of money walking out the door because of skills that can be sought through recruiting and training.

This is why corporate residence, financial, medical and legal firms are looking for hospitality professionals to manage their administrative teams. Hotel, restaurant and club managers have an ingrained disposition to put the customer first without ignoring fiscal responsibility. Great customer service coupled with effective processes leads to better returns all around.

The biggest benefit is that most skills are transferable between the industries. Of course, corporate companies may use different software and jargon, but the soft skills are impeccably the same. Talent acquisition professionals even say that the skills learned by those in the service industry are superior to a tenured corporate manager.

If you are looking for a new office manager or property director, look for your next candidate in the hospitality ranks. The impact to your customer base and their satisfaction will be immediate.

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