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Welcome to Face to Face

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Let me introduce a new and compelling way to read about hospitality industry trends. Face-To-Face...

This blog is more than just a list of news and happenings in our industry. It will introduce the effects these events have on our leaders in a very personal way. Each week we will explore a topic of interest from the service community of hotels, restaurants and clubs as it affects executives in the field by speaking to them face to face.

It's valuable enough to have the data, statistics and facts straight, but it's far more interesting to ask;

Why do I care and how does it affect me?

So let me start by introducing myself. I have been a hospitality leader since, well a very long time ago. My first position as a night auditor was supposed to be for a summer until I started school for drafting. Spoiler alert, I never became a drafter.

That job led to a rewarding career in hotel operations spanning 10 properties, 5 brands, 2 states, a national consulting position and a multitude of experiences along the way. I know it sounds like this journey is over but its quite the opposite. My career in hospitality media marketing / communications / blogging / writer has just begun. I might as well write it here because that title will not fit on a business card.

You may find yourself reading about a colleague you've worked with or a trend that is affecting you personally. In that case, please feel free to interact with us and add any comments you may have on the subject. I am not selling any products but I will be happy to hear any customer service complaints on my private e-mail. Should you disagree with any points made by our guests, readers or myself please respond in kind, professional terms. Your views and previous experiences with the context will always be respected and encouraged.

If you are still wondering what this site is all about then subscribe and stay tuned. We know you will find it as compelling as we do and as relevant as your morning coffee. We are not simply going to report on industry news but we will review them face-to-face.

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